Monday, April 11, 2011

a birthday

i had a birthday. my first one on the continent of africa.
my first one with the most incredible,
only God could have dreamed up this,

i missed my mom more than i thought i would.
and my sister.
and sis in laws.
and well, my family....all of them.
and my best buds back in TN.

i opened a present
sent with love,
back in february,
and still managed to remain wrapped
with the
"do not open until april 11" note.
it was from my mom
i LOVE it mom!

God gave me the most beautiful, sunny, warm day
and those who know me best,
know how happy this makes me.

i took a long walk and soaked in my
year behind and year ahead.
i thanked God for both.

my oldest 2 kids brought me the most precious gifts.
gifts my very own mom told me about before i ever had kids of my own.
gifts that i had shared with my mom when i was little and ones she told me meant more than anything.
she was right. i couldn't understand then,
but i understand now.
gifts that they found, created
made straight from the heart and
all on their own.
these treasures i receive at various celebrations and they always make me teary.
i got 3 wooden animals, a 50 cent piece,
a porcupine quill, a red heart silly band, to name a few...
and 2 of the most precious handmade cards.

God painted the most beautiful sunset we have seen yet
since being in SA.
pink, pink perfectly wrapped present from Jesus...
a  sunset
that we gathered upstairs as a family to watch.

i received the coolest
bought from the street vendors,
been wanting for quite some time

i am so thankful for the birthday wishes
by so many
who took time to send me sweet, inspiring, thoughtful

my birthday
was blessed
and so am i.


Jamie Hulshof said...

I am so happy to hear you had such a blessed birthday. I love reading your posts. You are such an inspiring person. I hope things are going well for you, Joey, and the kiddos.

jim said...

u are the sweetest thang !!
we love you and send you Happy Birthday Wishes !
sounds like you had one Fine Day !


jim said...

that's too funny !
my last comment says... jim says...
i guess i am in his google account. oh well... we both do love you anyhow !
aunt jeana