Saturday, April 9, 2011


feels like i have been a bit on a break from blog world.

no real reason.

well maybe,

it has something to do with
the 3 pictured above
and the 1 below...
(who will join this pallet fun as soon as she possibly is allowed)

the 3 have been off school this week
and they,
along with little miss
have kept momma quite busy.

love our time and all our adventures.
so blessed by this zoo crew.

there has been much merrymaking ...
hikes, beach, aquarium,
waterfall, game nite, sleeping all together on pallet,
and more...

but after something like 10 days
(whose really counting, right...)
this momma is tired
and ready for our routine again.

1 comment:

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Miss you guys! I love seeing those sweet faces, even if it is over the internet! I can't wait to see you in a few months! It will be so great! Hope you guys are well. Praying for you!