Saturday, April 23, 2011

prep for Easter

we didn't make an egg hunt this year.
first time ever in Briley's 9 years.
but, ironically enough, no one ever asked.

special thanks to our "aunty danielle"
who shared her from the States egg dye
with us the other nite as
we prepared for Easter.
one prob though...
they only have brown eggs
which mess with the dye colors
and so
we tried these flawless looking
white candy coated choc eggs
that started off perfection
and then commenced to releasing their chalkiness
into our dyes.
fun was had by all!

also, from "aunty danielle",
Easter craft paper, stickers, and all that jazz.
we now have  a fab Easter banner
of the kids pics
to decorate the place.

we have read the Bible stories each night leading up the the cross
and I had brought
those fun resurrection eggs from Lifeway
that we do each year and love
can't find the cute story book
that goes with it
so we used the much better alternative of
the actual Bible
and can you believe it?
it worked out perfect.

today we shared Easter love with a little family
we are getting to know...
(and no, these aren't all her kids).

tomorrow we will do the same for Joey's friend Itai.

it seems as if every year
I am more impacted by the stories
of Jesus' death and resurrection.
this year Joey and I are both the same age Jesus was when He gave Hs life.
grasping this is not even possible...

a Savior, a Redeemer, a friend, my Father...
He gave His life for me
how am I loving Him in return?

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