Sunday, July 6, 2008

It takes money...

I wonder why everything always has to be about the $$$$?

I am putting a shout out for some help in financing our adoption. On the left sidebar you'll see a map of Vietnam. Please take a moment to click on the map of Vietnam and subscribe to or renew your magazines. I know I have some buddies out there that love a good People magazine for some dirt on the stars, or fun decorating ideas or cooking tips, or a guy who like sports, hunting, whatever!! Come on...pick out a good mag. Remember every little bit helps when it comes to saving the life of a child. We would appreciate it so much. We also hope to sell some t-shirts here soon. I'm really excited about those:)

Thanks friends!

update 7/7/08 having some issues with clicking on my map to link to the site??? sometimes it works, sometimes not??? it says runtime error ???any suggestions???
the site is

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Taider Totes said...

Hi Courtney! This is Rebecca Baldwin, and if you're wondering, Taider is my little dog. I've been reading your blog, and I just think it is so amazing what y'all are doing. I'd love to help, and I have an idea. I make totes out of t-shirts, and I would love to give y'all a percentage of what I sell. I can even take orders for custom totes. Anyway, email me at and I can tell you more. Ya'll are in my prayers!