Tuesday, July 1, 2008

tick, tick, tick...

let the countdown begin... our adoption paperwork should now be in Memphis waiting for the powers that be to review them and then send us a much needed piece of paper stating we are approved to adopt an international orphan. How long is this process you ask? Anywhere from 8-10 weeks. Sooooo, by the first week of September we should have our approval and be ready to then get into the next line (the line to get your child placement). That is also close to the time that the US/Vietnam agreement expires. We are praying that in September we will know whether the door to adopt from Vietnam is still open, or if the Lord has other plans for us. We are open to whatever country God leads us, but don't get me wrong- I'm still holding out hope for Vietnam. There are so many needy children, so many orphans all over the world and I know the Lord has chosen for us a precious baby girl. I just have absolutely no idea where she will come from.

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dreamingBIGdreams said...

glad things are coming together!