Friday, July 11, 2008

Who are these people?

Have you turned around to see this?

Or have you ever gone looking for your kids and found this?

Or maybe even this?

Who are these people?

Never do I find my children dressed in the outfits I put on them in the morning. I may be summonded by a Batman and Spiderman, a Mr Incredible and a Princess, 2 crazies only sporting their underwear, or yes even 2 Ballerinas. (Briley has been known to convince her brother to put on a girly get-up.)

I never know who I might find when I turn around these days.


Ashley said...

Looks all too familiar!

aunt jeana said...

oh how sweet you guys are !
so many memories for an old mom like me! jodi never wore her own clothes till we made her go to kindergarten. and even then she had a pair of heels and a tube of lipstick in her backpack!
ilove you all...