Wednesday, June 3, 2009


birthday brax awoke to 3 re-gifts from sissy (yes- she wrapped up 3 toys they already owned- i know she is way too thoughtful- what a sweetheart. she also included a super cool spiderman card).the mickey mouse pancake tradition continues...

the long awaited batman belt. thanks aunt tiff for pulling thru (by the way- figuring out how it worked was quite a challenge- but now we are professional)!

we are 0-2 on playing in the bicentennial mall fountains. yep- just like wally world- kids running and smiling and SCREECH- no water- electrical issues.

we scrambled and ended up at a park with a nature center, hiking trails, a creek, and a shady picnic spot. then a cooling off trip to sonic for slushes all around.

the above pic shows one motley crew.

the day continues with dinner at no other than chuck e cheese

a first for us was a bday trip to the local toy store to pick the gift. we went in for a batman bike but left with this really cool batman contraption.

today we celebrated braxton's 5 th birthday. i can not believe this awesome guy has been blessing our family for 5 whole years. i love that he marches to the beat of his very own drummer. i love that he is the only one in our entire bunch with "white" hair. i love how he loves his momma! i know God has big big plans for his life (and i have known this since way back before i even had the positive pregnancy test). i love his desire to snuggle under the covers in the morning and start the day slow (unlike me and the other 2 kids but just like his daddy). i love his quiet, thoughtful demeanor. i have a love/hate relationship with his movie fanatics. i love how he and his sissy play together (now sometimes including their baby bro). i love that he loves to draw pictures for us (especially superhero ones). i love this little man for making me a better mom, for teaching me, for blessing us.

even though we had a slight glitch in our day with the fountain issue- brax claims tonight his birthday was totally awesome.
and just for the record- i am stuggling with the fact he is now five. it's a tough bday for this ole momma!

thank you God for braxton- our true miracle baby- from such a tumultuous beginning God has brought such joy and blessing!


Amanda Pilkinton said...

Happy Birthday Brax!
Love Will and Caroline

Grace and Fam said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! love gracey

Emilee Caralee said...

Happy Birthday Brax! Courtney, just an FYI about another fountain spot that is close to the Bicentennial Mall. If you take Broadway to 2nd Ave and turn left it runs into Union St and there are fountains there!