Sunday, June 7, 2009

treasure hunt

we have counted down many sleeps to get to this very important day in the life of a 5 yr old - the birthday party!

today was braxton's treasure hunt birthday blast! i have given many a party in my days as a mom and it ranks at the top. (actually briley's 5th bday princess dress up party and brax's 5th treasure hunt are tied for the top. 5 is a great party day for us- i must keep up the trend with the up and coming siblings!)

we started with batman tatoos and pinata full of candy...

next we divided into 3 teams (special thanks to uncle nate and mr rocky for guiding teams) and using the specially "made by mom" treasure maps went hunting the trails of our woods for loot... the below 2 pics are of brax's team led by daddy, of course, who did a most incredible job! thanks daddy!

on to cupcakes and ice cream...

and celebrating with friends...

what an incredible day! even the weather cooperated.
braxton - your mommy had a blast celebrating your big 5!

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