Sunday, June 21, 2009

to the dad...

to the dad i love more each day. to the dad i've seen grow in wisdom and faith. to the dad who stands out in a crowd. to the dad i am so very proud of. to the dad who is the most incredible dad. to the dad who is truly the greatest blessing i know. to the dad who has made me better. to the dad our kids adore. to the dad who never ceases to amaze me! to the dad who doesn't bring his work home with him. to the dad who reads nightly Bible stories to our kids. to the dad who wants to make an eternal difference. to the dad who makes each one of us feel so special! to the dad who leads us faithfully. to the dad who is king of the grill. to the dad i'd follow around the world (literally!). to the dad that brings us so much joy and love! to the dad our daughter wants to marry. to the dad that is so full of surprises. to the dad i can not say enough about...

i love you!
we love you!

we are blessed daily by you. thanks for all you do!
court and the kids

and to Padre- my dad- we love you more than words can say! thanks for instilling in me love and values that i now can pass on to my kids. your crew enjoyed lunch with you today! 5 grandbabies with one on the way isn't too shabby:)

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