Thursday, October 8, 2009


it's been 1 week since my computer meltdown. it is forever gone- as is all the stuff i didn't have saved . i recommend everyone be prepared for a crash- i wasn't- and well ... i can imagine my distress if i'd have lost all my pictures. i only lost some important documents that, well, i'll just have to manage without:(

moving on now...

since i've been gone we have been...

on a family bowling adventure.
brax kicked tail! joey came in second to his first-born son and even though brax used the bumpers it was a hard loss for joe!

getting "camo'ed" up for hunting adventures.
joey's only gone once so far but... do not wasn't his last.

and even though the weather has been less than perfect and fall has set in...
we have found a way to practice our swimming.
check out bear's goggles. they are from briley's swim- to- me puppy. i can only imagine how well he'd do if he actually had real goggles that worked.


Grace and Fam said...

I'm scared to death of computer crashes...So glad you recovered memories. That's all that matters :) xoxo

Brad and Fran Hoagland said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog and taking the time to read it all...I really wondered if anyone was....anyway, I am sooooo glad to have found your blog and will save the link and check back often. You have an absolutely beautiful family. Wonder where you live in TN? We are in Murfreesboro.