Sunday, October 11, 2009

the view from my seat at the kitchen table

this is the view i have enjoyed from my kitchen window. it warms my heart each time i look at it.

there is just something so peaceful about an old, old barn.

it is a barn we literally see and pass daily.

today, that something like 100 year old, barn was no more. and me and my people weren't going to miss the bittersweet excitement.

heave ho!
j's pepaw and dad give the old gal a couple good pushes.

and she was no more.
my view has been forever changed.
and yes, i am sentimental about an old barn. probably more than anyone else there and it wasn't even my barn?!

these were the youngest witnessess.

for now i will see a pile of what was, then a bonfire of sorts, then a new red barn will sprout up in its place.

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