Sunday, October 25, 2009

there's no place like...

HOME, right?
well, that's true BUT i'm thinking...
there's no place like the BEACH!!

thought i'd throw this pic in. look at the birds lined up! a bird-a-phobics worst nightmare. seems like we wasted lots of snacks this trip on these guys. not sure it's even "legal" to feed them? but, i do know you get dirty looks from some of your neighbors on the beach.

the start of the coolest sandcastle! finished product yet to come:)

briley loves her some baby jade!

our favorite climbing hut on the beach

8, 7, 5, 5, 3, 3, 2, 1 ~ the ages of the little people staying in our house.
(cousin baby jade stayed down the street and could not manage to stand on the driveway for our pic.)
my favorite pic of my briley (looking so grown up and starting to act that way too) and her proud daddy! (now back to the growing up part- i'm telling you- i'm having a hard time handling it... she is really starting to act older. getting her own fashion style, glancing in the mirror more, maturing in attitude, etc ...whoa horsey! slow down sis!)

funny stuff-
we planned this trip to the beach- not knowing the entire lankford fam would end up digging their toes in the sand too!
what started out small grew to round #2 summer family vacation with the lankford crew- every day someone new would show up or leave.
crazy and very fun.
though, we always have a blast with the extended fam- it was really awesome to stay behind a bit longer as just the 5 of us.
that is the bestest thing ever!
personally, i could have stayed even longer but... reality?!
this pic shows everyone (except uncle t-dawg who headed back to college a few days earlier). make sure you look all the way down the table to the back wall...

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