Thursday, October 29, 2009

exciting stuff...

check out some exciting stuff... babies, a contest, and carvings!

i'm a several days late in posting this pic of 2 new boys on our block.
2 of my favorite peeps had their baby boys about 24hrs apart!
precious, precious...

i received a secret phone call monday explaining that briley had won the coloring contest at school and to be there wednesday for the announcement.
so i snuck in and heard the winner announced... and this girl was fired up. jumping jelly bean, passing out hugs, fired up!
proud moment for me and yes, especially for her.
was there a prize involved- yep. $25 gift card and she can't wait to spend it.

in case you haven't had enough excitement yet!
we decided that unless we were going to totally miss pumpkin carving we HAD to do it last nite.
let the carving begin... this year briley and braxton carved their own all by themselves. and joey came up with his own with a lil help from the bear.

after much anticipation... the finished products....


Our Family said...

Yeah for sweet Briley! that is awesome!! Love the pumpkins as well, and the new pic is great!
love tiff

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Love Being a Nonny said...

Love your new header picture!!!