Saturday, January 16, 2010

12 months = 1 year

the number of months in one year.
the actual number of months TODAY that we have been on the "wait list" awaiting our referral of Bristol.
please pray it will rain referrals. my heart longs to meet her and hold her.
and if you are wondering...we are so close.


Big Nanny said...

Thought about your girl when I was there. Can't wait to see her!

Love Being a Nonny said...

I know you can't wait! I LOVE the name Bristol!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Praying, Praying, Praying...aww, Court she is going to be so worth the wait!

Jenny said...

As much as I am anticipating our little miracle, I CAN NOT wait for yours to get here too. I hound Joey about it everytime I see him. What a blessing she will be to all her know her.

Dana said...

Praying tonight for your baby girl who is closing her eyes on the other side of our world tonight. Someone there is loving her so good, tucking her in, and whispering promises of YOU in her ear as she drifts off... Not much longer, now, Mommy! Hang in there. I love you, sis, and we are praying!!!!!!

sonya said...

okay i must comment on several posts that i'm just seeing....
what? brax is rocking those glasses- he is the coolest kid around & those just stepped him up a notch.
also, you are already taking fabulous pics with your new camera & i'm so jealous. can you PLEASE help me with mine- i'm ignorant.
i'm coming to your house this week for a lesson- what day works?
and finally, when you put "we are so close" does that mean you've found something new out since last week i don't know??? call me! we are praying for "briley's baby sis in e-te-opia" and can't wait to kiss her precious face.
love you

Tracy said...

We are saying prayers that you get your referral soon! I know the wait is so hard! Hang in there - it won't be long until you see her beautiful face for the first time! :)

Tracy Jennings

Ashley said...

I remember so well... going to church one night coming home cranking up the worship music and yelling "GOD... I CANNOT WAIT ANYMORE!" I was at the end of my rope for that referral call... thankfully HE was holding the rope. The call came that night while still in tears with my mommy heart hurting.

I CANNOT WAIT!!! I cannot wait to hear all about her and for you to have her here! It will be AMAZING!