Thursday, January 14, 2010

clearer vision

you can tell something has changed around here- right?
not that this guy wasn't cool before...
but look now!

this was hard for me. verge of tears folks. i had a pretty good sense it was coming, but still it was hard.

i know- dumb. it's just glasses. i mean- come on. it could be something terribly worse.

it's just it took me back to when i got my glasses. i hated them! nope- no one ever made fun of me. i just flat out h-a-t-e-d them. and still do to this very day. lasix surgery is in my very near future:)

it's just there is such a stigma to glasses. you know?

well. then there is my brax. truly the coolest guy i know. he is such an amazing kid. i am daily reminded of how before i even knew i was preggo (but was) the Lord telling me i would have a baby boy and he would do great things for God's kingdom.

as i watch him grow, as i see how he reacts to things, soaks things in, how he is sensitive to others yet so tough himself, how intelligent he is and how patient and compassionate, he's quiet yet a leader, and man- what a thinker. lots of thoughts (deep ones) go thru this noggin.

i am amazed. amazed at the gift of braxton. from the beginning he has defined odds and i know he will continue to do so.
and i am amazed at how much older he looks!

glasses. who cares! i love them already! and braxton, he has thought they were great since he picked them out at the eye doc.

seems like these days glasses are cool. briley informed me i can and should buy her a fake pair at walgreens. are you kidding?! don't think so!


Grace and Fam said...

He looks ADORABLE....I mean so cool right?!

Amanda Pilkinton said...

Braxton you are one cute kid

Emilee Caralee said...

Brax looks precious! (As always!)