Friday, June 4, 2010

Braxton's 6th

we had prayed for another baby. and before i actually took a pregnancy test the Lord told me we were having a boy and he would do great things for Him.

God had told me Brax would do great things and well, so far he has strengthened the faith and relationship of Joey and I to our Heavenly Father and to each other. From his wild premature entry into this world to interactions with him daily... Brax grows us.

i still know that God has big things in store for Braxton.
his patience, caring heart, genuineness, deep thinking, matureness, beyond his years.

daily i am blessed by the gift of him.
happy 6th birthday to a little man i adore!

our annual bday pancake bfast!

pool party fun!

baseball blast!
thanks "uncle jeff" for sharing your party time with this 6 yr old!

this bunch loves some fun!

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