Tuesday, June 29, 2010


today we found out that in 4 or maybe 5 sleeps we leave for Ethiopia and Bristol!

we got travel confirmation for the 7/8 visa date and we need to leave this weekend for Ethiopia and our baby girl!
we had no idea this was even a possibility. surprise. God is good!

thinking Sunday nite or Monday (at the latest) this sweet thing will be in our arms! praise God.
what a journey! a 1.5 yr journey!


jenny said...

wow!! so exciting courtney. will be praying for you and joey...and the fam! jenny griggs

Kristi J said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, no way!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy...so excited....blog lots for us back home!!! oh, she's so cute, kj

Cassandra Britt said...

Congrats!! So happy for you-can't wait to see your family united!

sonya said...

i can't believe how perfect. so there she is, huh? just chillin' & waiting on her mommy to come & grab her up...which is in like 3 sleeps! praise god!
love you