Friday, June 25, 2010

bunkin' brothers

when we bought bunk beds 3 years ago i had baby bear in my belly... but had no idea he was a brother bear. we were just excited for braxton to have fun bunk beds.

well, baby bear ended up being a brother bear and since then we've talked endless times about when these 2 would start bunkin'.

momma bear was in no hurry to move the bear from his crib. he slept entirely too good in there and why mess with a good thing. plus, it just means another chapter of life is gone and that makes me sad. really sad.

as we are approaching time to go get baby Bristol (about 3 weeks from now), momma bear thought the time was now to bunk these 2 brothers. it means one less transition once we bring Bristol home.

as i tucked the boys in i said,
"tonite marks the first of many, many nites you 2 brothers will sleep together. in fact, it'll be until brax goes to college years from now and you 2 are quite grown up".

please grow up slow:)

i think how cool it is to share a room with your brother, to build relationship, to share secrets, to share life.
joey and his brother nate shared a room for years.
then, their 2 younger brothers did the same.
i loved that.

and i thought when we have boys i want them to have the same experience, the same bond.

the blessing of the bond of brothers.

now, here's to hoping this cheezy 2.5 yr old brother thinks its as cool throughout the nite as it was at this picture moment. he promises he won't get out of bed and will call me when he wakes in the morning. hopefully he will follow in his older siblings' footsteps and stay put until i come rescue him from banishment to the bed when the sun comes up!
* * * * * *
and what helps make this even more exciting for this guy is the new batman sheets we purchased today. i am not beyond heavy persuasion or bribery:)


Lindsay Barrett said...

We'll be doing that with our boys too, when we ever bring home our little girl. They'd probably like to do it now, but I'm not ready to take the littlest one out of the crib.

Praying for your safe travels and your daughter's joyous homecoming!

Dana said...

Well I never had a sis, so sharing a bunk with my brother was THE only option...and I spent EVERY Friday and Saturday night of my life bunkin' with Nathan. I may not be a brother, myself, :) but you're right about all the life that gets shared between siblings who can't sleep! Can't believe it's already time for little man to move up...but oh to bring this pink little bundle into her new room that has been full of "bear love" for so long. So soon! About to BUST! I love you, sis!