Monday, June 21, 2010


every child dreams of a father that loves them and protects them. a father that tells them they are beautiful or handsome or the most perfect son/daughter in the world. every child yearns for the encouragment a father gives by telling them they can be anything they want to be. a child swells, almost to the point of exploding, when dad tells them how proud he is of them. the love of a father makes things safer, all better, and blessed. to a child a father can do anything, fix anything, and save the world. when a child knows a father's love..he can only grow and flourish.

i had that father as a child.
and my husband had that father.
i married a man that became that father.

we are blessed by a father that loves us, supports us, protects us, and is always there for us. a father that truly demonstrates God's love.

you are the most amazing daddy! we celebrate you! Happy Dad's day to our father of 4!!

3 here with us! and 1 coming in less than a month!

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Amy said...

I cannot wait to see the first official family of 6 photograph! I'm so very, very thrilled for all of you :)