Thursday, June 3, 2010

lankford family vacation 2010

when you hang with this bunch you are bound to have fun...
i love this. 4 brothers.

braxton is a champion fisherman.

it is great to have so many big uncles to take the kids on jet ski rides. my 3 rotated and rotated and rotated on these puppies!

this was a fave once again this year...rock sliding!

and nothing beats nonni and poppi trying to get a grandkid pic.
this was the best we could get.
not a one looks normal. well, the girls look a bit better!
with so many memories it's hard to pick pics:)


jennyg said...

where did you go? looks like lots of fun!! jenny griggs

Grace and Fam said...

precious! Love that pic of Baron and the fish;-) makes me smile...Let's play soon. love, b

Anonymous said...

your blog is absolutely amazing! i don't tell you enough but I appreciate you doing this for us. You are my wonderful gift from God.

Love ya! Joe