Friday, September 3, 2010

#6 Ethiopia

finally. finally i will finish my Ethiopia posts. well, this one plus 2 more soon to come.

Friday July 9, 2010

After meeting Bristol and holding her in our arms the first time THIS day was the next MOST AMAZING day EVER.

We loaded in our van with the other families and headed to an orphanage in Addis. It was the orphanage where Bristol was transferred for our referral. Bristol probably only spent a week here in this crib.

The MONTHS PRIOR were spent in an orphanage near her hometown that is a branch of this one in the big city.

We pulled in through the big metal gates, children were gathered outside to play, emotions are running high in our group as THIS IS THE DAY WE MEET THE BIRTHMOMS of our babies.

We are led into what would later become the lunchroom for a slew of precious diners. We are told some of the birthmoms are waiting. I am anxious, excited, humbled, and honestly just a ball of emotions. On a bench we all sit with what can honestly be described as deer in headlights expressions. Into the room walks a YOUNG GIRL IN A HOT PINK JACKET with her head wrapped IN A WHITE SCARF, another young girl, and a friendly looking gentleman. IS THIS HER i wonder? is this the girl who gave birth to Bristol and decided adoption was the answer? is this the girl WE HAVE PRAYED FOR? the girl who ultimately gave us the priceless, perfect gift of BRISTOL.

Yes. It is her and translators. We started out so shy in our communication. She seemed so scared. We felt so overwhelmed with love for her and also anxiousness too. Would we remember everything so we could share it with Bristol later? Would we forget to ask a question? (and i have thought of several since then that i'd love to know the answers). Would she be covered with a sense of peace, joy, hope by being around us and know her baby would be loved wholeheartedly by us? Would we truly connect?

Yes. Yes, we connected. Yes, it was amazing. Yes, we are forever changed by this encounter arranged by our marvelous Heavenly Father.

By the end of our time together we had viewed every picture on my camera in great detail. And let's just say my memory card was full. We had held hands, hugged, kissed, walked together, loved.

We had cried tears of joy and sadness. We had connected. Sharing a bond that will forever be etched on each of our lives.

I can not put to words the moments in time we spent with the Bristol's birthmom. The incredible, over-the-top, miraculous, joyful, intense, perfect moments. I have so many pictures but didn't want to share them, they are such a treasure. So only a glimpse...

If the day wasn't full enough we also drove to Korah and to the Bright Hope School for a visit.

Oh and we ate at Greenview Pizza. A must if you are ever in the neighborhood. After a week of yummy Ethiopian food...good American cuisine was good for the belly and the soul:)

Incredible day.


Steph and Dusty said...

I love the picture of you all holding hands. Our meeting was very similar and when I reflect on it sometimes the emotions are overwhelming and I feel so blessed to have met her. I hope you all are doing alright.

Ashley said...

Too precious for words!

That is one thing that hurts my heart about Eliza's birth mom. She did not get to see her with us. We did not get to tell her how much we love her and how we will always think of her, pray for her and talk about her. We have pictures that our agency took of her, and we have shown them to Eliza already. SO PRECIOUS!