Thursday, September 9, 2010

it's official

September 7, 2010
it is official. in an incredible court room and 'round the table experience by our entire clan. with our very own lawyer. on our best behavior. the documents were signed by the judge. 
Bristol Askedech Ayele Lankford 
is recognized as our daughter per the United States of America. 
big stuff folks. big stuff.
          special thanks to our favorite judge (and friend) Judge Beal

the lankford's. family of 6.
not like we weren't claiming this already, but like i said,
now we are official.
here is our court house steps debut.
(wish i had my good camera but it was shipped away last week for repairs, praying it returns soon)

wouldn't it be great if this was the last step in adoption for us? 
yes. yes.
 that would be great BUT 
we still have several more steps. and i am ready for the paper trail to stop.

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the overtons said...

congrats, such a beautiful family!!!