Sunday, September 12, 2010

celebrating Bristol

tonite we celebrated Bristol turning 1...
with just a family members (which in our case just so happens to be 20+...
 for now anyways...)

my two girlies in their B shirts and tutus-
just the way Briley wanted it.

a great pic with Mimi and Padre

Uncle Gavin and  Uncle Taylor are always fun to have around!
Opening a gift from Nonni with a lil help from our fave lil girly cuz...SJ

Quite a crazy crew walking to Sweet Cece's...
somehow we lost one little brother, several daddies, 2 poppi's, one entire family and who knows who else in this trek

the grandmother's (i think we can say we have the most beautiful g-ma's around!)

Bristol enjoying her yogurt treat!

it was a fun nite celebrating with our we won't forget!

tomorrow is the big day...the actual YOU ARE 1 TODAY DAY

can not believe it...

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Love Being a Nonny said...

Happy Birthday to your Dream Come True!