Friday, September 24, 2010

someone is 3 today - round 1

today we celebrate the bear turning 3. 
i love this birthday age because
unlike the previous 2, they get it this year.
bear woke up with a song and the traditional mickey mouse choc chip pancakes.

AND... as someone so graciously pointed out... 
do NOT be alarmed. 
those are NOT flames coming from his head.
 his hair is NOT afire. 
totally, didn't notice this before i first posted the pic, then cackled when i was informed that it isn't nice to set your son ablaze on his big day:) nope, that is just the glorious sun arising this early morn making my photo op go up in flames (hehe).

and on to more excitement...
in order to get the full effect of his gift presentation, joey decided to bring down a wall hanger of sorts.

yes-sir-ee ....the bear now is a proud owner of a tn lifetime hunting license.
these 2 characters, or should i say 3, were fired up over goin' huntin'.
and if you know our fam, then you know just what i'm sayin'.


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Tracy said...

So funny, We need to meet! We have 3 children, 1 from Ethiopia. When I saw this post I had to laugh. My husband is a big hunter!! We live just north of Nashville.