Thursday, September 2, 2010

be prepared...eeekkk

sometimes you go perusing through your old pics and stumble across one that literally makes you have to pull yourself off the ground and out of hysterics...
tonite i found such a pic.
this one was taken a little over 3 yrs ago.
i have 4 children.
2 are in this picture.
1 was in the womb at this time.
the other was yet a dream of adoption.
3 of my 4 kids have the talent of sleeping with their eyes or just eye open (and mouths).
can you guess the only one who doesn't?
yep...the one i didn't birth...our ethiopian beauty.
one day this pic will bring laughter and tears again at just the perfect showing...
say a wedding rehearsal dinner or graduation or...
my, my, my ...i mean can- you- say- freaky?!

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