Tuesday, February 15, 2011

4 little loves

4 little loves

and their
from nonni and poppi
from mimi and padre

and a little something
from mom and dad.

thank you to the grandparents
for the special love.
we were all so excited about the goodies.
they brought perfect delight!

and they weren't the only ones treated...

brax and bri picked me out the most fab
red necklace and bracelet.
so priceless watching brax
trying to find me just the right thing.

and aunty danielle
kept the troops
(thank u thank u)
so joe and i had
a fab, fun,
only adult convo,
no juggling kiddos,
most enjoyable
dinner date.

and bri,
sweetest girl in the world,
hand made valentines
for each member of the family
(including the dog and cat).
her thoughtfulness
and love
never ceases to amaze me.

we have bucketloads of love.

word of the day...

to those back home...
we love you.
though you are far away,
you are never far from our thoughts
and always in our hearts.

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