Thursday, February 10, 2011

the bear...

a boy 
has never lived 
so true to his name...

barron hudson...

the BEAR 

from intense to huggable,
grizzly to teddy,
this bearish boy
in one moment has me crazy
and another melted.

and as lately
i have often tagged a quickie at the bottom of the post

i will do so again
sharing THIS...

Joey has said for months
that he and Bear
would buzz together.

i have shed a few tears over this thought.

and then today
we went and bought "sheep shearers" for
Joey's crazy- hasn't- been- cut- since- tennessee hair.

and i knew the clippers would end up
on bear's crazy- hasn't- been- cut -since- tennessee hair.

i was atleast suppose to supervise the project.
didn't happen!

left these 2 alone for just a sec
and came home to THIS.

joe finally got his wish.
i was a bit disappointed he didn't do the mohawk...
he said he honestly forgot
and we can go that route again as it grows out.

it's hard to be chicken hawk
when you are red necked buzzed:)


Shalia said...

bear, bear...don't lose your hair!!!!!
yay, i have a google account, now!!! :)

Lance said...

Joey and son looking good. I love reading yall's blog. Awesome thing y'all are doing. May God bless y'all everyday. I keep praying for you all.

Lance Key

Anonymous said...

toooo funny !!!
i loved every line!
i too have to hide and "man" the sheerers around here, as uncle jim loves to take it down to the white skin. not a good look for him. lol
oh well, you were a good sport sounds like. what can a woman do?
i love you much
aunt jeana