Tuesday, February 8, 2011

quick glimpse into...missions

i had hoped to take amazing pics to share but haven't yet.
and so tomorrow,
i will take better pics to post
of the our awesome 
tennessee friends
(aka the eye team)
in action in SA.

here is just a glimpse of today's clinic
where approx 200 people... 

had blood pressure checked,
eye exams,
glasses given if needed,

hands held
and prayed for.


and after a long days work...
a time of fellowship together with those we love and who love us.
dinner at our place.
oh, how it does a heart good.

these precious folks
i have known getting close to 20 yrs.

wow- when i write that it seems totally crazy.

parents of friends of mine,
sunday school teacher to briley,
and now to us.
treasures to our hearts.
thank you for everything!


Jen Gash said...

Love the words you put with the pictures. And, Love you! I was totally enjoying the pictures and then realized Joey is rockin' a Sweet Sleep shirt! Glad to be there in spirit. Praying for the week God brings our first team there! Love you all...and tell Joey to eat some Snickers. Otherwise we might have to send him down a small shirt!!

mvfrist said...

WOW! What incredible pictures you have taken! Thank you for sharing all of this with us...we will continue to pray for your work and your family. Blessings, Mary Virginia

mvfrist said...

totally forgot to mention the awesome shirt Joey is wearing. SWEET SLEEP!