Tuesday, February 22, 2011

what a difference...

one year ago today 2/22/10
we began our mission adventure
by traveling to Colorado
for training HERE.

we see beauty like this and feel cold cold cold

we meet these amazing folks
who are 
now serving all around the world
how cool 


and one year later 2/22/11

we see these amazing views and then these...

  and meet precious folks like these every day

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Amanda Pilkinton said...

Hey girl! I am loving the updates. The pics are beautiful...I bet you will never wanna leave that gorgeous scenery! We are planning our trip. Don't you worry! I miss you too girl! Em and I were talking about how much we missed you the other day. We need our Courtney fix and we can't wait until you come home for a visit. Pray for you all the time. Love you!