Wednesday, February 9, 2011

for the eyes...

once again
the theme for the day
eye clinic.
and glorious sites for the eyes.
that was our to do list today

approximately 150 people had there bp and eyes checked and were prayed with and loved on.
a site for the eyes...definitely.

next up,
more sites.
sites on such grand a scale the eyes wonder if they are clearly seeing.

next up,
cape point.
the tip tip of africa.

and yes,
there is still more for the eyes to view.

headed back from adventure full of observation
a family of baboons
frolic and play on the side of the road.

lankford car first.
windows up.

team van second.
one window slid open.

as the team looks out one side of the van
at the cute baboon family
a sly big guy jumps through the open window
on the other side
for a quick visit.

after what i thought was entirely too long,
the van door opens,
baboon jumps out,
protein bar in hand.

a site not often seen by the eyes!

can u take a little more for the eyes?
a beautiful sunset devotional.

and then
 just because i love this pic from today...

we are gonna miss 
uncle rocky.
it has been such a treat having him here in SA.
(thanks teri.)

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