Sunday, February 28, 2010

break in breck

we headed out on this road...with the most awesome views...

to a little place named Breckenridge, CO

one of the coolest places i've been

great streets full of shops and foods and fun

brax was climbing from under the playground right in town buried by snow
more snow than we've ever seen

we rode up and down the gondola for amazing views

we decided not to stop to ski with our 3 small children and our novice skills

though joe and i promised ourselves we will be back someday

mountains mountains everywhere. oh how beautiful.

and to end the day... nite hot-tubbing with incredible views at an altitude of 9000+

praising God for a day of memories and beauty!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I'm loving your adventures.....I'm seriously hoping you will ALWAYS have your blog ;)
My cousin's in-laws have a home in Breckenridge. I've never been, but my parents have. It is beautiful!
Enjoy and safe travels!
Amy, Gracie and Rhett