Saturday, February 27, 2010


while we are here we are climbing higher in our journey with the Lord, climbing around obstacles that can keep us from doing and being all God desires, and literally climbing up mountains.
joey and i were able to venture out on a hike w/out the kiddos for this pic. the grayish fog blocking the view of the mtns was falling snow. not surprisingly, we ended up off the trail and climbing up the side of a cliff. on our hike up we came upon no man made tracks but cat-ish ones. hum? not safe for sure, but joey said we must venture on. and we were fortunately rewarded (not eaten) because from the summit we could see beauty for miles.
not sure our exact wkend plans. depends on the weather. but sure whatever will be memorable.
just a funny sidebar...not really of much importance...
just found out mckmama (a blog i check in on) is here in town with me and was at the same place my kiddos were yesterday. funny stuff. never thought we'd ever almost meet.

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Love Being a Nonny said...

#1: I hope your mother-in-law does not read this post!!! (The paw prints might scare her too death!)

#2: I should have written and told you about MckMama!! Shoot!!

(Robin Carter's friend from NC and your mother-in-law's BFF :)!)