Wednesday, February 24, 2010


this is where we are "living" and learning.

here the kids are having a blast hanging with new friends, learning in their cool classes, finding adventures as a family, and playing outside as much as possible in the snow.
because they are loving it so much, it has made it easier for me.

here joe and i are meeting new friends (which all of you know is something we love), learning so much, and enjoying time as a family.

the training part has provided us info and tools regarding how to love others, serve others, grow and adapt. it has been better than i had imagined and i know we will come away blessed by being here. it has been amazing to be around others who have such a heart for missions.

you know we are always looking for adventure. today we hiked around our "home away from home". the pic below shows where we are staying. this pic doesn't do justice though- the views around this place are amazing.

this was my fave pic of the day from our hike... my brax right before the sun set behind the mountain.

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