Thursday, February 25, 2010

a lot

learning a lot about myself, others, missions...
it's hard to even explain.
what i can say is that i am enjoying it!
it's very different...
hanging with others who just 48 hours ago were strangers but are now considered friends,
having all our meals cooked for us and never knowing what it might be,
having no car to leave whenever we wish (though we are planning wkend adventures already),
being on someone else's schedule vs my own,
feeling like i am back in school,
hearing stories from around the globe,
i could go on and on
but to sum it up... i am enjoying it and growing from it!
now you may ask if you are doing all this mission stuff then why oh why are all these pics outside on adventures?
well, once we wrap up for the day we head straight out the door to explore and it is awesome!
i love a good railroad pic!
this was minutes before this...
check out the conductors hand in one pic and face in the other. didn't realize we were still so close...
fire away!

on a trail to...

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Anonymous said...

Looks exciting!!!!!!!!!