Monday, February 15, 2010

what do you get?

what do you get when you take 10 unexperienced skiers (and that's an understatement- half of us had never even set our feet in a pair of skis before this) to the slopes to celebrate a 30th birthday?

more laughs, bruises and memories than we could ever imagine!

the birthday girl and her party planning hubby.

joe and i navigating the slopes. we decided we loved it but... need much more practice:)

not sure why there are blurry spots in the pics? could it have been the falling snow and the trying not to fall on skis?

some of the crew before our memorable ski lift event.
oh and we didn't have a full showing for the ski excursion. we left a few behind for the day and caught up with them later for a dinner we won't soon forget. (way to go ben dover)!

the party crew.
happy 30th sonya! we had a blast!

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keLi said...

Hey Courtney ... I am STILL laughing about skiing stories from this weekend -- and I only heard them secondhand from your husband!

Loved hanging out with you guys this weekend -- and we'll be praying for Bristol.