Thursday, February 18, 2010

the run

every morn it's pretty much the same drill.

bri is up, dressed, bed made, teeth brushed and digging thru the pantry
as i stumble thru the house making my way to a loud call of "heeeyyyyy mmmooooommmm".

the call is coming from the next riser in our house, the bear.

he and his sis have an on going competition to see who can get up first.
she usually wins as i have not yet given up the crib as his place of rest (and confinement).
not feeling like messing with a good thing. at least not until we get our referral.

the bear immediately seeks milk with the same get-it-or-die attitude his sister seeks breakfast.

one lone sleepy head left. if there is somewhere to go then brax could wallow in his covers and
drag, drag, drag his morning chores on forever.

morning chores aren't as bad as they sound. just get dressed, brush teeth, make bed, and come down for b-fast. not hard, really!

but, oh sweet brax, i love his laid back attitude. it's just what i need around here.
but, when we are in a time crunch...let's just say he teaches me patience.
you can't get upset with the guy. i mean he's just so chilled. i am learning from him.

after dad gets a little of the Word in them...
they line up at the front door in anticipation of the run.

aka... the mad dash to the bus.

in warmer times we like to wait by the road
but, it's not warm. so they prefer to wait inside until the yell goes out for the run to begin.

it usually begins like this...
"the bus...."
and off they go.
with me and barron yelling our goodbyes and love yous.

i say a quick prayer for their day and safety as they pull away and we wave.
i know i will never forget these memories.

the start of the run.

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Dana said...

One of those pictures you want to BURN in your mind's eye. Something so simple, so real, so cherished. Hold on, tight, Court. I am at 9 months in the life of my Jadybug and I am just praying for time to SLOW DOWN. These days, they go fast...and I don't want to "run" through them too fast, myself. I loved this simple post. A reminder that the daily moments are what this life is all about.

Love you.