Saturday, September 13, 2008


we have been running crazy this week- the party came together!
a super shout out to Padre for his hard work around our house this week! and my joe- wow-he has worked his tail off! and the all nite cookers- ya'll outdid yourselves. drae- great pig, buddy! j walk- always a friend to the end! to all who helped- thanks. i appreciate everyone!
after a long nite of cooking the boys are still hard at work...

bri loves her mimi!thanks brittany and kelsey for hanging out with us this weekend. you both are such blessings to us! we love you both so much! the kids had a blast with ya'll! come back soon!
someone get that kid with the gun out of our pic:)
what a crowd pleaser! Braxton sang "Grand ole Flag" .

hope all had fun. i did! still not sure exactly what happened with the band?! they were good while they lasted!

less than 50 days until the election...GET THE WORD OUT...LANKFORD FOR CONGRESS!!!

oh and one more thing- my computer blew up trying to post my party fun! great way to end the weekend! huh?! i am a begger these days- joe's not a fan of sharing his laptop. hopefully, i'll be up and running again soon!
one party down- one to go! barron's big 1st bday bash is less than a week away!


sonya gay stokes-beasley said...

ya'll threw such a great event on saturday! i know you put so much time & work into it and it really paid off. the house & barn looked great & everyone had such a good time~ don't think they even missed the band. love the pics of joey in the grass skirt!

Gracey said...

We had so much fun Friday night. Thanks for having us. Also, that picture of Briley and your mom is a framer. so cute. I'll have my Lankford for Congress memo up tonight! love, beth