Friday, September 19, 2008

shout it out

every nite we sit on the floor of Briley's room and read Bible stories and pray as a family.

more and more recently we have seen God work on Briley.

tonite was just like any other nite until...

Briley told us Jesus was talking to her during the prayer - and she wanted Him to come live in her heart - and she was ready to be baptized. She has told us before that He was talking to her but - she felt she wasn't ready yet. She was just a bit intimidated by the whole baptism thing. We have talked with her about becoming a Christian in God's timing and to listen for His voice. We've talked to her about getting baptized. We have told her God will know when she is ready and He will lead her.

tonite He stood at the door of her heart and knocked and tonite she answered. PRAISE GOD!

i can not express the joy in my heart as I listened to her and Joey pray for Jesus to come live in her heart, and forgive her of her sins, and mold her into the precious child of God He wants her to be. wow! words can not express...

please pray for Briley as she starts this new journey as a Christian! pray for Joey and I as we raise her and lead her as God desires.


(check out Joey's blog too!)


Our Family said...

Yeah for Bri!! That is the most wonderful news we have heard all day Bri! We love you so much and are so proud of you! We will be praying for you sweet girl.
love you Uncle Nate and Aunt Tiff

Emilee Caralee said...

Bri, I'm so excited about the great decision you have made! You are now my sister in Christ! I'll be praying for you.
Miss Emilee

Amanda Pilkinton said...

What a happy day! Briley is so lucky to have such great parents. I look forward to that day with great anticipation, when my own children will invite Jesus into their heart. Congratulations to your whole family.
Jesse and Amanda

Gracey said...

Briley, Congratulations on your happy occasion!...We are thrilled for you and your family.
love, Cam, Beth & Gracey

Jenny said...

Joey told us about this at lunch today. You could just see the pride and elation in his eyes. He was also giving you the credit for being such an amazing mom while you are with them all day. What a priviledge the Lord gave you all last night. I am so happy for you.


sonya gay stokes-beasley said...

i must admit, i read your post tonite with tears coming down my face...what a blessing this is. i'm so thankful for you court and the dedication you show for raising my precious neice & nephews to know christ. i love you so & am so happy for briley...