Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's Wrong?

Today was the first day of Braxton's school! He has been waiting on this day since Briley started a few weeks ago. He was super excited to go to the 4 yr old class with Mrs. Cindy. BUT... WHAT' S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? Let's zoom in for a closer look. Yep, that's a fat lip with 4 stitches. After deciding we were going to try and get home and get everyone settled down at a decent bedtime after a long holiday weekend and get Brax ready for his 1st day of school this year...He had a run in with a croquet mallet. I guess that's what you call those hammer looking things you play croquet with. And well, I didn't actually see it happen. And, it's hard to explain to the ER crew questioning you about the accident when you, THE MOM, don't even really know exactly what was going on. Anyways, It was an accident at a friends house that closed the festivities down. Thanks to Aunt Tiff for driving Brax and I to the ER. He was a champ! Or should I say he was comatose. No really, after a dose of some take-the-edge-off medicine, the kid was out. He never even knew they stitched him or that he was totally under a sterile dressing. He didn't wake up until this morning. And, besides super swelling- he is great. I am thankful it wasn't any worse.
On a brighter note, here's Braxton and Tyler headed to school this am. Boy are they ready!
And... fat lip and all- Here we are at Mrs Cindy's class!
Both Braxton and Tyler were excited to tell me about their great 1st day!

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Emilee said...

Bless his heart. A broken collar bone, a busted lip--He's a tough little guy that's for sure!