Monday, September 22, 2008


Sunday afternoon we celebrated with a bang bang Barron's 1st birthday! Thanks to all of his little buddies (and of course-their parents) for coming and for the coolest presents! I know...mommy is being super cheesy! But hey, we are partying ya'll!

Chow down time!
Once again, I have a kid who didn't shy away from some birthday cake! This mess required a quick "sink bath"!

Check out the look the Bear is giving his brother. Let's just say, Barron loved opening his gifts and he had a little too much help!

Not sure if it was the cake or the presents Barron enjoyed the most. Nonetheless, fun times were had!

I still am a bit shocked that IN 2 DAYS my baby will be ONE!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I LOVE the cake on his face....precious! And you certainly don't look old enough to have ANY children, much less THREE at this point!

I have some cute photos of Briley from the Rocket Run I will send you soon.....
Take care! Happy Birthday Barron!