Monday, September 8, 2008


hope your birthday was super special! and the party- a fun surprise! we love you MIMI!

on another note- the big anticipation of our first ever soccer games ended in sadness. no games were played due to beautifully manicured wet fields. we shall wait until a later date for their inaugural games.
this week - i am slightly overwhelmed with the idea of maybe a couple hundred people? coming to my house for a luau for Papa's campaign race. this will be a big week of prep and running a million errands and cleaning, decorating, etc.
just so you don't get the wrong idea- yes, we are having a luau- no , we do not have a pool or any body of water for that matter to help aid in setting the luau mood.
but, yes- i do promise fun times.

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Gracey said...

Great to see you yesterday! I mean it about calling me to help with whatever on this Luau gig. It'll be great time!!!!!