Thursday, September 25, 2008


today has been so bittersweet for me.
one year ago today Barron created an uproar in our lives and still does to this day.
i thank God constantly for him and the blessing he is to our family.
it is hard to imagine life without this fireball!
and if you must know- he received a spanking from his daddy for some bad behavior within 15 minutes of waking up on his big birthday day! no one is exempt:)
he is changing daily right now especially in his vocabulary and comprehension.
i love this little guy more than words and I strive to truly treasure each minute with him and wish none of this time away.
i can't believe i only first met him 1 yr ago today. i can't believe my baby is already one!

today- we celebrated by doing things the Bear really loves...

ridin' the boom-boom (4 wheeler)

fun "drivin" daddy's jeep!

ice cream treat with mommy!

and friends...a special thanks to our friends lila and mrs emily for bringing by lunch and hanging out with us on our very big day!

barron- my sweet baby boy- i pray daily to be the mommy to you that God desires me to be!

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