Sunday, October 3, 2010


you can get her down 
but can't keep her down

after spending 5 hours in the woods
climbing trees, building forts, having adventures
a broken, scratched, tearful, grass stained, leaf covered girl
met me at the back door
gingerly holding an obviously broken arm.

a trip to the local children's hospital 
lasted..get this...almost 10 hrs.
no. i. am. not. kidding.
we had to wait long enough past
the last time we ate (5 ish hrs)
then thru shift change
wkend chaos
THEN the docs
re-set or reduced
her break
we waited some more.
note to self:
only break bones during business hours
and on an empty stomach.

thankful for an amazing hospital
these days i don't take things like that for granted
thankful we left that place with only a cast 
and the promise of complete healing.

yep. this adds some chaos to our journey.
but we are praising God that only an arm was broken
falls from high atop a tree 
could be so much worse.

be prepared to sign this cast 
and her "real" one she gets next
she takes autographing seriously


Ashley said...

I see a pack of self stick bedazzle jewels in her near future... so sorry Briley!

Love Being a Nonny said...

Bless her heart!! How scary! Glad she is okay.

Sonja said...

Oh NO! So sorry! Tough girl......these things are going to happen to a gal with brothers (and a Lankford daddy :) )

Erica said...

Poor baby!!! Praying she heals quickly.