Friday, October 29, 2010


there is work to do here in so many ways
the campus above is where joey will spend most of his time
"living way"
business development, greenhouses, you name it
we are excited at the opportunities here
there are lots of things happening and developing

in one of the areas we will work we were able to play with some of the children.
was so excited to meet friends.
there were thumb wars, chase and tackles, gymnastics, ball...
all played in the 10 mins we spent with these precious kids.
can't wait to get to know these little ones!
this pic is just a glimpse of the crowd that excitedly swarmed us.

the fields are ready here and we are too!


Ashley said...

Fabulous!!!! CHILLS... look at the Briley go, she never ceases to amaze me... guess it comes from her parents =)

Jennie Gunter said...

So Fun to see y'all at Capricorn. I love it there. I hope younfuys are getting settled in. Miss yall

Joshua said...

As always, we are so proud of you guys! The love your family has for God touched Steph and I in Colorado and I am sure it will be a light to those in South Africa. Can't wait to hear from you about how everything is going. Keep us posted!

I also hope that South Africa is ready for Joey! Lord help em. :)