Wednesday, October 20, 2010

down to the wire

what do you do when you are down to the wire?
you pack
and move
sleep in cool places
and ride in other people's cars
sleep in other people's beds
misplace many an item
break a few rules
hug many a neck
and soak every drop in

a place to lay their heads
after loading up the beds, these 3 musketeers enjoyed a couple nites of pallet fun!
moving is hard work for everyone involved
fun times in the party van with cousins

girl cousins are hard to find for sweet briley
so thankful for SJ :)
sometimes you just have to let them entertain themselves while you are so busy

"the shrine"

so we walked in our "hotel lankford" our first nite of homelessness
to what i dubbed a shrine
thanks nonni for letting us crash here
you will never know how perfect it has been
a home away from home
a place of comfort and love
just what we needed

the days around here are drawing to an end
there are still goodbyes to say
bags to re-pack
and lists to check off

soon soon soon

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