Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lankford's in london day 2

today we loaded onto the big-double decker red bus for a tour of the city

after several stops we took quite a hike through some royal gardens
and more gardens
until we made it
over to the zoo for a special visit

a thankful heart we have to Mr A for helping us get behind the "bugs" scene
and for his friend who showed us some bug-gi-ness
this was over the top for our want to be scientist/vet briley (and brax was pumped too)

then back to the bus tour and...

guess where we are uncle rich?

just wanted a good pic. 
one not looking. one sneezing. geez. 

trafalgar square...amazing!

and onto

yep...look kids big ben...

the chevy chase theme

this is where we lost the big red bus tour tickets and...
had to go to plan b of getting back
no big deal people
just try the tube, right?
normally, would work.yep.
but tonite, nope.
couple of major issues underground (including a person under the train? what?)
so along with thousands of other people,
many who know these tubes quite well,
we impressed ourselves with our navigating skills
and found a round-about way back for baths and bed

day 2

truly was blown away by the architecture and beauty in this city...
incredible green space,
magnificent buildings...
even saw some more reminders of back home (H&M, GAP, Starbucks, etc)

oh, and no one was sick today. what a praise!

as i was checking this before "the official post",  i couldn't help but laugh at the pics. seriously, someone is goofing in every one. promise, i did get some good perfectly posed ones...but i guess i am not sharing those:)


Love Being a Nonny said...

I am loving following your journey....but I'm tired already and I'm not even there!!! Hello to my BFF Shayla for me!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing and reading all about your adventures!

Dana said...

thinking about you all since the minute you left...seems like all day every day...and this makes me WISH I WERE WITH YOU!!!! :) I love London! I am so glad you're getting a few days in Rich's homeland---aren't the accents fab? Miss you like crazy already...Halloween plans don't seem quite as fun without the 6 of you...but we'll try. :) Call soon. Praying constantly. Love you all.

Ashley said...

Miss yall so very much, and praying for yall all the time tell bri today im wearing grey flowers give askedech a kiss for me ....:)love ashley walker