Sunday, October 24, 2010

lankford's in london

the journey started friday afternoon. 
we boarded the little plane which took us to the big plane 
and our overnite, overseas flight.
this leg of travel 
went perfectly.

here we are
boarding the plane after saying goodbyes back home...
hard. almost numbing. 
but the comfort of the Lord was upon us throughout the travel.

after getting our enormous amounts of luggage settled
and money exchanged
and riding quite a long time in the "tube"
we made it to our hotel and crashed for a bit.

up next
was walking the streets of london and looking for good pub food.
a suggestion from uncle rich that we felt needed to be a top priority.
and good food we had!
fish and chips was of course one of the choices we tasted.
 and the minted peas...i don't like peas but i liked these...

day 2 brought us to a tree with a living room hanging from it. chairs, sofa, lamps, tables
and the best part was you could sit and swing in them.

golly never know who you will run into around here
 just kidding...
we took a visit to the famous wax museum in these parts.

 oh how we love the red phone booths around here.

thankful today that after a rough start,
sweet briley overcame some sort of s
tomach bug issue
and she and i were able to sneak in some girl time
we able to join the group for more fun:)

we have been quite impressed with the city and all it has to offer.
briley, in fact, thinks we could live here one day. who knows? maybe.

more to see and do tomorrow!


Amy said...

I LOVE London!!!!!Is your Mama going with you all too? I'm glad Bri is feelin' better!
We miss you all already!

Dana said...

to say i miss you already is quite the understatement. truth is, i cried all the way to Dickson. truth is, I said "I can't believe they're not here" and "I miss them" about 15 times yesterday...truth is, I couldn't get to my computer fast enough tonight to see if there were any "fresher" pictures of each of you than the 2 day old ones from the airport that are in my mind. Guess I better bet used to sending my love through these tapping fingers from now on, huh? I'll settle for whatever I have to as long as we can still be matter the distance...
Oh I love that you are in London with your crazy bunch---and Nonni! She's on quite an adventure and I'd love to see how much fun she's having, too! Hug everyone for me. Seriously. :) And call me as soon as you ever can...from one of those little red phone booths if possible. :) Love Love Love...Dane

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the pic of Joe and Nelson Mandela. I can so see this framed and hanging on your new home in South Africa...and no one knowing it's a fake!! ;)

Love ya,