Thursday, October 28, 2010

from london to cape town

our last day in london

we awoke in london to our only rainy day there
and set out for an adventure in the toy store of toy stores HAMLEY'S
we are talking 7 floors people!
the kids were in heaven and joe and i a bit frazzled.
but really, it was incredible!

we took a quick trip to visit st paul's cathedral. amazing. my pic don't do it justice...

and more tube fun. the kids are becoming pros at this form of travel.

and just for scrapbook memories...



18 checked bags,
2 carry on bags,
6 backpacks,
2 purses,
3 cameras,
4 pillow pets,
1 stroller,
an opened box of cheerios,
another pillow...
and honestly after that i lose count.
oh yes we did!

and yes,

we did travel through the tube in london, the airport there and here, and to our temp quarters here
with THAT much luggage.
eek, is all i can say.

cape town is beautiful. 
we are meeting friends, learning the ropes, settling in, exploring, enjoying the breathtaking beauty, and searching for a home.

pics from the first days here coming up!

with all that said i do think back often of the home we left, the family, the friends...
those thoughts are for another post...


sarah kelly hurst said...

hey courtney! i just came upon your blog a few days ago and read about how you were moving to cape town to work with living hope...funny, ironic or maybe not so husband and i lived right outside of cape town in a little area called mitchell's plain last year. we were planning to stay for 2 years but ended up coming home after 2 months. long story but i have friends that do ministry with living hope! AND my husband and i are going back to visit those friends and the orphanage in the area where we lived in just a couple weeks! who knows. maybe we could meet or work alongside of you for a couple days. who knows, just wanted to share this "ironic" similarity!

sarah hurst

Amy said...

Gracie and I were talking about you all today....she can't wait to write Briley!
Glad your adventure has been going well so far....I cannot believe all that luggage, girl....:)
Proud of you all....G sends big hugs to Bri :)

Cindy said...

Courtney, you and Joey are so brave. I know
you had your Mom to help you but that is a lot
of people and "stuff" to have to deal with.
Take a breath and know we are all thinking
of you in Tennessee.

Cindy said...
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Dana said...

late again...thinking of you and just had to see if i could get to you any way at all---even if only on this computer. makes me happy to know you're to your new home and that it's beautiful. i miss you so much already- weird that you weren't with me grabbing lunch at CHIPOTLE today...yum yum! (Sorry if Cape Town hasn't gotten a Chipotle yet...maybe THAT'S what you're there for!!! :)). Love you sis. Already hoping for the days that we can be together again...this could be a long. :) Hug Bri for me. And PLEASE call me as soon as you can...and I need an address too. Are comments ALLOWED to be as long as EMAILS??? :) Oops.
Love you. again. Dane