Monday, November 29, 2010

birthdays happen in Africa too

yesterday we celebrated Joe all day. that is what you do on a BIRTHDAY!
and if you know me then you know i love birthdays!

we had a yummy lunch at the waterfront 
where Briley secretly told our waiter it was her daddy's birthday and he (we)
were treated to this scrumptious dessert...

we enjoyed our first date here in SA
(a special thanks to Danielle for manning the troops)
where we celebrated Joey's 33rd 
at a delightful restaurant in Cape Town
with a couple of our fantastic friends
thanks to the D's and P's for the jolly time:)

I think I can speak for Joe and say his first birthday on the continent of Africa was quite a thrill!

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Evan said...

Happy Birthday Joe! In our family we sing a different version:
God loves you today,
God loves you each day,
God loves you dear Joe,
God loves you always!
Happy Birthday from the Montana!