Wednesday, November 3, 2010

we are...

we are...

we are STILL looking for a house
they are few and far between here
thinking it has lots to do with going into the "holiday/vaca" season here
the fact we are a rather LARGE family
Joe and I have 3 to look at tomorrow and calls/emails into several others
please pray we find something soon

we have applied for schooling for the big kids
the new school year starts in Jan 2011
so they are enjoying an extended break
and learning the area/culture
looks like they will be in grade 3 and 1 here
just like in the States
they go by age here 
and that is where they fall
we were very impressed with the school and have heard wonderful things about it
pretty sure i dread the day they actually start though,
i like having them close to me

we rented our second car today
the first we return to the airport tomorrow
still on the hunt for a permanent car
once again,
we are a LARGE family
and the cars here are what my family calls
thinking we will resolve this issue within a week
we did buy Bristol a new car seat today
the one she has been in goes back with the car tomorrow
we got it at a toys/babies r us
not quite the same as back in TN
was a treat to see reminders of the States
and now for some quick pics for your viewing pleasure
who knew
 i could drive like this?
opposite side of the road
opposite side of the car
shifting with left hand

i'm pretty sure the grands are going to miss
this sweet thing when they leave.
the baby, that is, not the hammock:)

and for your comic relief...
the wind here is incredible. 
i guess that it goes hand in hand with the scenery.
but really,
it is something wild.
this pic is from the infamous chapman's peak drive
there are no words for this stretch of road

now back to comic relief
the grands are in full "cousin it" mode
harry potter joined us on this adventure
askedech is not sure what to think after being taken from her cozy car seat snack and all
and the rest of us
we are lovin it!

here's to life in africa


Dana said...

crying for some reason after i read your blog...wasn't even sad...not sure WHAT i where i'd be right now without all the comic relief... :)...but it's just real. you're there and we're here and there's just a lot of space in between. and i can feel it on this dreary day in tn. but that space is filled with lots of love-which is why these tears fall here. oh court, i miss you...everyone else...hug each other tight for me! And let's talk tomorrow...xoxo

Ashley said...

Thanks Danedane now im crying... I actually started kinda crying when i saw the pic of askedech and your super model mommy

Amanda Pilkinton said...

I am actually not crying for once... I am just so happy to see ya'lls faces! Looks beautiful! Miss you guys!!! Keep the updates coming!!!